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Gold Silver Pirates NFT Prices & Overview

Project Information

Gold Silver Pirates are a collection of 1,000 NFTs backed by actual, physical gold and silver bullion. The collection is a combination of rare collectible art, blockchain utility, and traditional assets in gold and silver.

The amount of gold and silver that backs each NFT is determined by their attributes – each attribute being worth a certain amount of gold or silver pieces:

  • 1 gold piece = 1 AUS token = 1 gram of gold bullion
  • 1 silver piece = 1 AGS token = 1 gram of silver bullion

The NFTs being backed by gold and silver means there is a guaranteed floor price determined by the gold and silver assets backing them. Upon minting the Gold Silver Pirate NFTs, AUS and AGS tokens are moved into a cold ERC-20 wallet and secured in a world-class vault facility. The blockchain can be checked to assess that the amount of AUS and AGS tokens matches the amount of gold and silver attributes for all 1,000 Gold Silver Pirates. AUS and AGS are fully redeemable for metal, independently audited, fully allocated with direct legal ownership, available to trade 24/7, and brought to the owner by a nearly 50-year-old bullion dealer, independent of government and financial institutions, and located in Australia. 

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