GolemZ NFTs

GolemZ NFT Overview

Project Information

GolemZ is an NFT project that links each NFT to its own physical 1/1 variant merging the metaverse and the physical world.

The project is founded by @IsmToys, a venture that makes custom toys for artists and influencers.

Each NFT is matched with an exact replica physical toy that is hand painted and 3D printed. Each NFT also grants access to comics that explain the lore of the GolemZ.

The GolemZ Genesis collection consists of 888 Elemental GolemZ, which is designed to create a blueprint for future mintings of the GolemZ.

Within the 888 NFT Genesis collection the rarities are as follows:

38 Ancient Elementals
170 Fire Elemental GolemZ
170 Earth Elemental GolemZ
170 Metal Elemental GolemZ
170 Wood Elemental GolemZ
Gold: Legendary (5%)
Purple: Epic (10%)
Blue: Rare (30%)
Green: Common (55%)
Genesis holders may replicate one Legendary or Epic trait and apply it to their main GolemZ launched during primary minting. The primary minting contains a supply of 8888 NFTs.