Grails II Mint Pass NFTs

Grails II Mint Pass

Project Information

The Grails II Mint Pass gives holders access to Grails Season II.

The Mint Pass is obtained by holding a PROOF Collective NFT or a nested Moonbird with the Grail Headware trait. Passes can also be purchased on OpenSea.

Mint Passes will be airdropped directly to the 1000 wallets holding a PROOF Collective NFT and up to 176 wallets holding a Grail Moonbird.

Artists will be gifted their genesis mint (25 in total) and one additional mint (25 × 2 = 50); PROOF will also mint one of each (25) for the collection and gallery. The theoretical maximum is therefore 1000 + 176 + 2 + 25 + 25 + 25 = 1,253 across all artworks.

As always, artist identities are kept hidden until the post-mint live reveal event.

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