PROOF's Grails II Minting Is Live

PROOF's Grails II Minting Is Live
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All 25 Grails II pieces have been revealed and the minting period for Grails II from PROOF is now live according to a tweet from the PROOF founder, Kevin Rose. 

Despite the fact that all 25 pieces have now been revealed, the artists behind all the Grails II works will be kept secret until the mint has concluded around 11:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, August 23. 

Want to mint a Grails II of your own? You'll need to own a Grails II Mint Pass NFT, which currently holds a floor price of 3.15 ETH.

Each of the Grails II Mint Pass NFTs was initially distributed to select nested Moonbirds holders and PROOF Collective Pass holders.

Since the mint has commenced, 68 Grails II NFTs have been minted with Grail #10 leading the way with 7 of the 68 mints. No other Grails II NFT has had more than three mints at the time of writing. 

To view Grails II pieces on the secondary market, users will need to sort by the "Season 2" trait of the Grails by PROOF collection. No Season 2 Grail has traded on the secondary market at this time. 

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