Grails III NFTs

Grails III NFT Overview

Project Information

Grails III is a collection of up to 1,025 unique art NFTs released by PROOF. Only holders of a Grails III Mint Pass NFT were able to mint one of the Grails III NFTs. Mint passes were airdropped to all PROOF Collective NFT holders along with 10 random holders of a nested Moonbird NFT with the "Grail" trait. Similar to previous seasons of Grails, each artist's identity was hidden until the mint window closed. However, for Grails Season III, each NFT was labeled as an "edition" or "series". These designations affect the total supply available for that respective Grail. Edition pieces provided all minters with the same artwork, but the supply of available mints was capped at 50 total NFTs. Series pieces on the other hand provided minters with random outputs from a collection of the artist's works but had a supply cap of 150 total NFTs.