Gummies Gang NFTs

Gummies Gang NFT Overview

Project Information

Gummies Gang is a community-driven project of 6969 randomly generated highly chewy NFTs on Ethereum. Each Gummies gives holders access to future releases and grants them entry to the Gummies Gang. 

Gummies gang is community-driven. Proposals and initiatives will be voted on and decided on by the gang. A community wallet will be created with 15% of mint and secondary sales. FutureGummies Council can decide on established artists collaborate with and watch the Gummies Gang grow! The team also plans to create exclusive merchandise for Gummies holders and run IRL events. In phase 3 of the project's roadmap, Gummies Studios will be established. The studio will create indie games and collaborate with established publishers to incorporate Gummies.

Gummies Holders receive:
  • Gummy PFP
  • Gummies Brand Merchandise - Plushies, hoodies and more
  • Comic Book Release Ft.Gummies Gang
  • Art Extensions - 3D Gummies, Animations ++
  • Collectively help the community and grow the future of Gummies Kingdom