Gutter Clones NFTs

Gutter Clones NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 28000 Gutter Clones NFTs. The Gutter Clone NFT collection consists of up to 28,000 DNA-1 android clones, created by processing Gutter Juice in the Clone Machine.

Gutter Cat Gang sold out its collection of 16,000 Gutter Juice NFTs via a Dutch auction. Gutter Juice NFTs were also airdropped to all 12,000 holders of Cat, Rat, Pigeon, and Dog holders.

Clones take part in the Gang's lore where Gang leadership has tasked top scientists with expanding the population of the Gutter by cloning existing inhabitants. The scientists collected DNA samples from every member of Gutter City and created “Gutter Juice” vials to be used in a “Clone Machine” that will spit out android versions of the Gang – Gutter Clones.

Gutter Clones will have access to selective merch drops, metaverse experiences, IRL events, and other exciting activations, but may not have the same access to future NFT airdrops or utility tokens as the OG Gutter Cat Gang species. However, there may be opportunities to upgrade DNA-1 Gutter Clones in the future. The projects art is at the core of the Gutter Clones collection. The collection was inspired by street culture, 90’s vibes and retro fashion.