Gutter Juice NFTs

Gutter Juice NFT Overview

Project Information

Gutter Juice is a collection of 28,000 DNA vials that can be used to expand the population of Gutter City. Each Gutter Cat Gang Cat, Rat, Dog, Pigeon, and Species mint pass holder was airdropped a Gutter Juice NFT for each Gutter Cat Gang asset they held. An additional 16,000 vials were made available to the public via dutch auction. 

Each Gutter Juice NFT contains the DNA of either a cat, rat, pigeon, or dog. Gutter Juice NFTs can be burned in the Gutter Cat Gang "Clone Machine" to create a Gutter Clone. A Gutter Juice can be used specifically on a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog NFT in the Clone Machine to produce a Gutter Clone utilizing the traits from the Gutter NFT it is used on. Additionally, Gutter Juice can be used by itself to produce a Gutter Clone with randomized traits.