PUMA, Gutter Cat Gang Unveil GutterMelo

PUMA, Gutter Cat Gang Unveil GutterMelo
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PUMA, Gutter Cat Gang, and basketball star LaMelo Ball launched more details on the innovative GutterMelo, a sneaker blending fashion and web3 technology by pairing physical footwear with a unique NFT.

The Deets

  • GutterMelo: A stylish, innovative sneaker from PUMA, Gutter, and LaMelo Ball's MB collection.
  • Unique NFT and Physical Sneaker: The GutterMelo MB.03 NFT, available June 29, 2023, redeemable for a pair of limited edition MB.03 sneakers and an additional digital collectible.
  • Purchase and Redemption: The NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea and redeemed for physical sneakers during a one-month window starting July 18, 2023.
  • Early Access: Early access availabile to Gutter Cat Gang and PUMA NFT holders. 
  • Price: TBA closer to the drop. 

The Bulk

In a notable pop culture crossover, PUMA, Gutter Cat Gang, and LaMelo Ball introduced the GutterMelo, a high-style sneaker from LaMelo Ball's iconic MB collection. The offering combines a physical sneaker with a unique non-fungible token (NFT).

The limited-edition GutterMelo MB.03 NFT is redeemable for a pair of MB.03 basketball sneakers, marked by their unique design that fuses LaMelo Ball's signature style with PUMA and Gutter Cat Gang aesthetics. In addition, the NFT grants an exclusive digital collectible: a 3D rendering of the MB.03 sneakers.

To secure the sneakers, users must first purchase the GutterMelo NFT on OpenSea, starting June 29, 2023. Following this, they can redeem the NFT for the physical sneakers during a one-month period beginning July 18, 2023.

❗️Why It Matters

LaMelo has been on one of the most active real life superstars to actively pursue projects and collaborations in web3. While Gutter Cat Gang (like most other PFPs) has lost some of its shine during the bear market, the initiative showcases real connections landing a collaboration with PUMA and Melo. 

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Lamelo is literally the Zoomers Michael Jordan. Like he’s a big f****** deal. This should be plastered everywhere.ThreadGuy

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Eager to secure your pair of the game-changing GutterMelos? Mark your calendars for the NFT drop on June 29, 2023.

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