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Gutter Dogs is a collection of 3,000 unique, randomly generated dog NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the fourth species the Gutter Cat Team has released (Cats, Rats, Pigeons).  

EVERY Gutter Species (Cat, Rat, Pigeon, Dog) will be fully 3D rendered and rigged to use in the House of Kibaa Metaverse. Every trait and fur-type is being recreated in 3D so holders will be able to play in the HOK Metaverse as any Gutter NFT they own.

The Gutter Cat ecosystem has also established a DAO whereby membership can be acquired through owning a Gutter Cat. 

To learn more about the DAO, visit the site here.

On Mar. 8, 2022, Gutter Cat Gang sold out its collection of 16,000 Gutter Juice NFTs via a Dutch auction. Gutter Juice NFTs were also airdropped to all 12,000 holders of Cat, Rat, Pigeon, and Dog holders.

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