Habbo Avatars NFTs

Habbo Avatars NFT Overview

Project Information

Habbo Avatars is a collection of 11,600 unique, automatically generated, pixelated avatars that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain.  These avatars are programmatically generated from 284 different traits made by Sulake and manually curated by the Habbo art team. Each avatar’s traits can vary from the shoes an avatar is wearing, their skin color, the hat they’re wearing, their facial features, and more. 

Habbo plans on moving towards a “broader adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs, and the gradual adoption of a play to earn experience.”  Sulake and Habbo see play to earn as the future of gaming, incorporating this in both Habbo and Hotel Hideaway.

In late October, Habbo announced plans to add Habbo Portratis, an avatar companion project.