Hammie Game NFTs

Hammie Game NFT Overview

Project Information

Hammie Game is a wolf game derivative involving 3 separate, stake-able NFTs. The Adventurers, when staked, earn 100 $fluff every 24 hours but lose 50% to pirates whenever claimed and/or unstaked. The Pirates, when staked, earn 50% of all Adventurers' claimed and unstaked $FLUFF, but have a 5% chance of becoming lost whenever unstaking or claiming $fluff. Finally, the Salvagers when staked are given a chance to find and claim any Pirate that gets lost, with no risk to the Salvager. All 3 must wait at least 24 hours after staking to be unstaked.

The project will only ever have a total of 8,888 Genesis Space Hammies. The first 888 were minted for free, the next 4,000 at 0.06 ETH. The final 4000 will be minted using $fluff, with the price doubling for every thousand minted.