Hapebeast Prime NFTs

Hapebeast Prime NFT Overview

Project Information

Hapebeast Prime is a unique collection of 8,192 fully 3D avatars built to unite the ape multiverse, designed and styled by London-based Digimental Studio.

Hapebeast is a new art and fashion playground created by digital artist Digi, or Matt Sypien. He created Hapes to become the next generation of fashion leaders equipped with music, special collections, and clothing collaborations. 

Their story is unique:

After lightning struck the monolith and fractured the universe, the Primal Hapes remained at the heart of the shattered multiverse. They waited for their ape family to return, building out their style, perfecting the Hapewalk, and planning for a bigger and brighter future.

The team consists of five key members and over 20 moderators.

Digi is the designer and a proud member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Trou is a game designer with more than 20 years of experience. JustCarl is a former Google employee, now in charge of strategy, community, and marketing. Rick is the lead developer and head of technology. And Mr. Krime is a musician in charge of providing beats for the Hapes.

Hapebeast Prime is not part of the Hapebeast Genesis collection.