Hashmasks NFTs

Hashmasks NFT Overview

Project Information

Hashmasks is a project by Suum Cuique Labs that brings a living digital art collection created by over 70 artists globally to the Ethereum blockchain.  It is a collection of 16,384 unique digital portraits that combines pieces from several different artists.

Each Hashmask has varying masks, eye colors, items and other attributes that contribute to the rarity of each NFT. Hashmasks helped popularize the “FOMO” curve, using a bonding curve to mint different thresholds of Hashmasks. For example, the first 3,000 Hashmasks were only .1 ETH, while the next 4,000 Hashmasks were 0.3 ETH, and it increased until sell out. 

Names and name-changing are commoditized on this project via the Name Change Token (NCT) system where each name is unique and belongs to one individual Hashmask.  Each day, 10 Name Change Tokens (NCTs) are accumulated by each Hashmask and can be claimed by the current holder.

When you have 1,830 NCTs (about ½ years worth of NCTs), you can burn these tokens and change the name of your Hashmask on-chain. After exactly 10 years, on 26 January 2031 (Timestamp: 1927206000), the last NCT will be emitted and from then on, the supply will only decrease until one day, the last NCT token is burnt and the art piece is complete.