hauspets NFTs

hauspets NFT Overview

Project Information

hauspets is a collection of 7,777 Tamagotchi-esque NFTs created by haus on the Ethereum blockchain. All hauspets were free to claim for hausphases NFT owners. hauspets is the first step to blockchain game developments by haus, which will be created by their Web3-based game team that is led by @ilya2x. hauspets are developed and "grown" in stages. Stage One allows owners to name their hauspet NFT, which is updated within the metadata. Stage Two introduces the pet to each NFT holder and explains how to breed hauspets. In Stage Three each pet is added to their "Tamagotchi" where holders can play mini-games and feed their pet to keep it alive. In Stage Four owners are able to hatch their pet from their "Tamagotchi" and create a new NFT with an updated look suitable for a profile picture.