HeadDAO NFT Overview

Project Information

Head DAO is a collection of 10,000 noun head NFT's granting access to the exclusive Head DAO and voting rights over the DAO's assets.

Head DAO was created by a team of 3 co-founders, those being @Shamdoo, @Acecodes, and @FunnyDog. The team is using a voting platform on snapshop.org, allowing holders to vote and introduce their own proposals for Head DAO decisions.

Head DAO members receive $HEAD tokens via staking their Head DAO NFT or participating as a liquidity pool provider. The $HEAD tokens represent the fractional shares of NFTs held in the community vault. The community vault holds blue chip NFT's including Cryptopunks, Cryptoadz, CyberKongz, Cool Cats, Vee Friends, Findenza, and BAYC.