Honey Hives Deluxe NFTs

Honey Hives Deluxe NFT Overview

Project Information

Hives Deluxe is a Bears Deluxe collection of 6,900 NFT Bee Hive gifs and used to mint Bees Deluxe.

Bears Deluxe was created by a team of 2 known as PixelMage and PixelKnight

Hives Deluxe are obtained solely through an exclusive mint to Bear's Deluxe holders, in which they can then be used to produce Bees Deluxe. Every Hive can mint up to 3 Bees Deluxe NFTs before it 'depleats', however depleted hives can be reactivated for 69 $HONEYD. $HONEYD is the native currency of the Bears Deluxe ecosystem.