Hoshiboshi Aries NFTs

Hoshiboshi Aries NFT Overview

Project Information

Hoshiboshi Aries is a collection of 2,222 anime star NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was created by artist Harimoji, who has over 375,000 followers on Twitter alone. Every Hoshiboshi Aries NFT acts as a DAO access pass in a sense, where holders are able to voice their opinions and contribute to the future and growth of the Hoshiboshi Vtuber(virtual YouTuber) talent agency. Hoshiboshi plans to create a Vtuber agency to help promote Vtubers, along with creating a revenue-sharing mechanism to reward Hoshiboshi Aries NFT holders. In order to promote these Vtubers, Hoshiboshi plans to release a decentralized Vtuber streaming platform.