The HUG Pass NFTs

The HUG Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

The HUG Pass is a collection of 15,000 huggable, collectible artwork by Lisa Chow. Only 6,000 HUG Passes are released initially. HUG Pass is a new inclusiverse for creators and collectors who are building, collaborating, discovering, and embracing Web3.

A HUG Pass allows holders to access the HUGhub community research and discovery platform for NFTs, made available through a private Discord. Minting is done in multiple waves to onboard new people into the HUGhub community in a manageable way that allows early members to participate in determining content, contributing research/curation, and sharing their favorite NFT collections, while also getting to know their fellow HUGgers. 

HUG Passes also give access to groupHUG and hedgeHUG. GroupHUG is a Web3 accelerator for post-mint NFT projects and up-and-coming 1/1 artists who have established a product-community fit and are ready for long-term growth and financial success. HedgeHUG is a hands-on advisory program for a limited number of early-stage pre-mint projects where the team leverages their creativity, the community, and social channels to lay the groundwork for long-term success, from mint and beyond.