Humankind Lunchboxes NFTs

Humankind Lunchboxes NFT Overview

Project Information

Humankind Lunchboxes is a collection of 10,000 nostalgia-driven lunchbox NFTs created by Humankind on the Ethereum blockchain. Humankind is a creative team that is led by artist Pablo Stanley that is dedicated to creating a unique vision through decentralized storytelling. Humankind Lunchbox NFTs are required to unlock and claim a Humankind character NFT. Every generative Humankind Lunchbox NFT features artwork that Pablo Stanley and the team have been creating for years prior to the Humankind launch. Humankind NFT holders get priority access to Humankind products and merchandise, as well as exclusive access to future projects like "Creaturekind" and "Spritkind".