Hunter Game NFTs

Hunter Game NFT Overview

Project Information

Hunter Game is a play-to-earn (p2e) game with group staking, which allows hunters to interact with their hounds.

Hunters and hounds work together to maximize the production of $PREY.

The initial 10,000 hunter and hound NFTs cost 0.067 ETH to mint, while the remaining 40,000 NFTs are minted using $PREY.

$PREY supply diminishes every time hunters and hounds claim or leave the forest.

Stage 2 of Hunter Game will begin after all hounds and hunters are minted. Hunters will be able to enter sled dog racing competitions where they'll participate in contests and win rewards. Competitions will be held on a regular basis and players will be able to place bets using $PREY.

GEN-0 players will receive a 3D version of their NFTs, which can be imported to SANDBOX.

Those who hold Wolf Game NFTs, like land, farmers, sheep, or wolves, are eligible to receive free $PREY tokens airdropped to their wallets.

Hunter Game is not associated with Wolf Game.