HUXLEY Robots NFT Prices & Overview

Project Information

Huxley Robots are a collection of 1000 hand-crafted 1/1 robot avatars each individually designed by Halo and Call of Duty Senior Concept designer Ben Mauro and will provide exclusive utility in the Huxley Comic ecosystem.

HuxleySaga was created by Ben Mauro, the senior concept designer and art director for first-person-shooting dynasties Halo and Call of Duty. His work has also appeared in movies such as Elysium, Chappie, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, among many others. Ben is also the creator of the successful limited edition NFT trading cards on Flow called Evolution.

Each Robot avatar was claimed through the burning of a Huxley Genesis Token. The Huxley Robot Genesis tokens were created through holding 5 HuxleySaga Comic NFTs and burning 2 of them. The robot avatar categories that holders recieved with the Genesis token were based on the seriel numbers of the Huxley Comics that were burned to create the Genesis token. Robots are divided into 10 categories of 100 there being a variety of traits accross all categories.

  • Category 1 - Wasteland
  • Category 2 - Galactic
  • Category 3 - Probably Nothing
  • Category 4 - Aesthetic
  • Category 5 - Classic
  • Category 6 - Abstact
  • Category 7 - Metallic
  • Category 8 - Graphic
  • Category 9 - Paint
  • Category 10 - Military


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