HV-MTL Reveal Delayed Until May

HV-MTL Reveal Delayed Until May
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The HVs won't be making their way across the rift until May, according to a tweet from @BoredApeYC yesterday.

The Details

  • The official BAYC account appeared to note the delay by cryptically saying, "One turn right, one turn up, three down, two up… Fuck!!! Locked itself again. We’ll need more time to figure this out."
  • The mdvmm.xyz site confirms the minor delay, with the updated infographic for the Evo 1 Reveal now showing May rather than April.
  • The Journey to Evo 2 section also used to say "Begins May," but now says "Begins June" instead.
  • BAYC co-founder Garga added some color, calling the HV-MTL a "monster of a collection" with "8 types, 1050 traits..."

❗ Why It Matters

Besides creating another week or two of pent-up anticipation, this seems like mostly a non-issue. Especially with May being less than a week away anyway.

Obviously, the Evo 2 component of the journey also got shifted out a month later, but with Yuga having so many projects to juggle, it just makes sense for them to take the time to make sure the execution is up to their standards. Rather than have some sort of issue like the companion trait error.

📊 By the Numbers

Not surprisingly, the floor has dipped about 10% since the announcement (-8.5% on OS and -12% on Blur, where the floor is a bit lower at 1.248 ETH). But not a significant move given overall market conditions, and interest will surely return once upcoming timelines are made more concrete.

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