Ibutsu NFTs

Ibutsu NFT Overview

Project Information

Ibutsu is a collection of 3,333 warrior NFTs living in a dojo on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features five different types of "champions" - Hachusu, Ningsu, Okusu, Robotsu, and Yosu. The project runs on $APE coin and is building a gaming experience for holders in Yuga Labs' Otherside metaverse. Each Ibutsu NFT is playable in player-verse-player (PVP) and tournament-style games and passively earns $APE. The elemental trait determines each Ibutsu's fighting style within the games. Ibutsu Pet NFTs can be purchased with $APE and can be used alongside each Ibutsu in the different game modes. Ibutsu Pets will also be able to passively generate $APE.