Idols NFT NFTs

Idols NFT NFT Overview

Project Information

Idols claims to be the first staked ETH NFT which is backed by staked ETH. The staked ETH is held within the Idol Treasury. 

The NFTs own 100% of the staking rewards that are earned by the protocol and act as the holder's membership into the Idolverse. The team has introduced the $VIRTUE token which receives 100% of the commission on trades of the Idol NFT and will act as the governance rights of the Idolverse. 

The process of the tokenomics goes as followed: 7.5% of the sales of Idol NFTs are paid to $VIRTUE stakers, then the staked ETH goes to the Idol Treasury to procure $VIRTUE, and then the Idol Treasury pays out the staked ETH to Idol NFT owners.