Ieva by Shvembldr NFTs

Ieva by Shvembldr NFT Overview

Project Information

Ieva by Shvembldr is an Art Blocks playground collection consisting of 500 algorithmically generated art NFTs. Shvembldr is a generative artist and TBOA club founder.

Art Blocks Playground provides a place for artists that have been formally accepted into the Art Blocks Curated collection to deploy a project of their own. Playground projects do not receive official endorsement by Art Blocks and they are not curated. Artists participating in Playground drops must have officially dropped a curated project prior. 

Ieva is an algorithm that creates a shape in a specific sequence from a random point on the grid and smooths out its corners. Overlapping such shapes creates endless possibilities of combinations that will always remain balanced and aesthetically pleasing. The title of this project is the name of the investigator who made a criminal case against the artist for making art.