Illogics NFTs

Illogics NFT Overview

Project Information

Illogics is a collection of 8,888 funky creatures that have crash-landed on the Ethereum blockchain. Illogics is founded and created by artist @timmydrift. Illogics NFTs provide unique art and staking mechanisms for all holders to enjoy. Illogics NFTs can be staked to earn the utility token, $GOOP. Staked Illogics NFTs earn 10 $GOOP per day. $GOOP holders can spend $GOOP to re-roll NFT traits, and purchase raffle tickets, potions, whitelist spots, and Illogics merchandise. Purchased potions can be used to transform Illogics NFTs. Illogics also offers a community DAO for holders to collaboratively develop the future of Illogics.