Immortal Player Character NFTs

Immortal Player Character NFT Overview

Project Information

Immortal Player Characters (IPCs) are portable game characters designed to provide lifelong game characters for RPGs.

IPCs have all the data required data for the procedural generation of full 3D characters for videogames and virtual worlds.

IPCs include several design structures and parameters such as:

  • Immutable attributes (composed of 3 immutable sub-attributes) and Luck (inverse of attributes)

  • Genetic Information (DNA/Genes, ranges of physical characteristics, including additional genes for future use) 

  • Editable Genetics (CRSPR via IPC Smart Contract)

  • Four Races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc)

  • Four Sub-Races per Race

  • Both Genders

The first set of games for IPCs will feature game types such as IPC Fight! (IPC vs. IPC), WAR! (wallet vs. wallet), IPC Dating!, and IPC RPG.