Imps by SuperNfty NFTs

Imps by SuperNfty NFT Overview

Project Information

The IMPS are a collection of 10,000 animated 3D floating characters on the Ethereum blockchain.

The VR Artist and founder, SuperNfty, started a Ph.D. about 3D sculpting in virtual reality in 2018 and created both the Floating Heads and the IMPS in a VR-app called Gravity Sketch.

IMPS stands for the 'Institute for Master Pursuers of Spirits' as they are mischievous demi-gods that hunt down and collect invisible spirits in the metaverse. After presales for holders of previous SuperNfty collections, 6,666 IMPS will be left for the public sale. Owners will be able to access 3D unlockables of their IMPS. These can include a 3D-file, an Augmented Reality file, a webcam filter, and the original video-file of your IMPS.