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Loopify's Arcadia Trilogy genesis NFT is a poster for the @interleaveCC 3D animated film about humanity restarting after a colossal meteor hit the world, its part of Treeverse lore, set 1,000 years before it.

Loopify is an NFT writer, invester, builder, and founder of @TheTreeverse@interleaveCC NFT projects.

There are three Arcadia Trilogy films which feature characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Interleave. Holding the Arcadia Trilogy Genesis NFT will give you future Interleave voting power, priority for future Interleave whitelists, and access to the super NFT. The superNFT is an NFT you can mint by burning 7 genesis NFTs that will give you the ability to claim 7 artworks by the following artists: TimpersHS, David Ariew, DirtyRobot, BakaArts, Ramon, Jack Butcher, and Billelis.

In January 2022, Interleave announced a new burning mechanism for its superNFTs. To earn a superNFT, holders must burn six Genesis NFTs. This entitles the holder to "six artworks by six amazing artists."