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Animoca Brands, Imaginary Ones Partnering
Logan Hitchcock

Animoca Brands is teaming up with Imaginary Ones to help with tokenomics and crafting an "inventive airdrop campaign." 

The Deets

  • Partnership Goals: Enhancing Imaginary Ones' token economics and advising on market strategy.
  • Diverse Ecosystem: From NFTs to games and merchandise, expanding blockchain's entertainment reach.
  • Deepening Ties: Animoca Brands announced an investment in IO in Feb. 

The Bulk

Animoca Brands and Imaginary Ones formalized a partnership to harness Animoca Brands' experience for the evolution of Imaginary Ones. This collaboration is set to redefine Imaginary Ones' approach to token economics while devising an inventive airdrop campaign and go-to-market strategy. 

📊 By the Numbers

Imaginary Ones is up 5% this week to 1.31 ETH. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Supporting Imaginary Ones aligns with our mission to drive the digital property rights forward, leveraging blockchain to enrich the entertainment experience.Yat Siu, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands

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Animoca Brands, Imaginary Ones Partnering
Imaginary Ones Partners With HUGO BOSS
Logan Hitchcock

Imaginary Ones is partnering with international fashion brand HUGO BOSS to launch an exclusive NFT collection and more, according to a tweet from the project

The initial collection, entitled "Embrace Your Emotions," will consist of 1,001 3D animations featuring everyday emotions like Joy, Sadness, and Love. 

The collection will be only available to allowlisted parties and is expected to release in November 2022 according to a press release from Hugo Boss

In addition to the Embrace Your Emotions collection, Imaginary Ones is hosting a charity auction with HUGO BOSS on Oct. 10 in accordance with World Mental Health Day. A legendary character will be auctioned off with all proceeds being donated to Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM). The winner of the auction will also receive an airdrop of five NFTs from the HUGO x Imaginary Ones Collection. 

All proceeds from the auction of the singular Legendary NFT will be donated to Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM).

The generous owner of this piece will also receive 5 airdrops from the HUGO x Imaginary Ones collection

How To Get on the Allowlist

There are three ways to get on the Imaginary Ones x HUGO BOSS NFT allowlist. 

1. Buy a Phyigtal Tshirt

Of the 1,000 total allowlist spots, 500 will be guaranteed to those who purchase one of the limited-edition phygital HUGO BOSS x Imaginary One t-shirts. 

The phygital t-shirts will all be enabled with a QR code "that activates a digital world around them," specifically utilizing a Snapchat Lens and augmented reality effect. 

No formal details have been shared about how much the t-shirts will cost or when they will be available for sale. 

2. Social Giveaways 

Imaginary Ones will be hosting social giveaways, including a social board experiment to give away additional spots to the allowlist. Users who wish to share a positive emotion via the "social board" can do so on the Imaginary Ones website for a chance to earn an allowlist spot. 

3. Stake an Imaginary One on the Imaginary Ones Staking Platform

The last way to receive an allowlist spot is by staking an original Imaginary Ones NFT via the Imaginary Ones staking platform. An exact number of allowlisted winners was not shared on the Imaginary Ones site. 

Imaginary Ones Partners With HUGO BOSS
Imaginary Ones Debuts "Imaginary Junior" Content
Bill Monighetti

Imaginary Friends introduced its first "Imaginary Junior" content today, debuting several shorts on both YouTube and TikTok this morning.

Imaginary Junior was first introduced yesterday as a subsidiary brand of Imaginary Ones that is focused on "family-friendly children's entertainment and educational content." The project views its primary audience as "family/children" and hopes to reach this group through nursery rhymes and musical content. Reis, a community manager for Imaginary Ones described IO Junior as the project's "web 2 brand," and called it "our form of Nickelodeon." IO Junior will not be a companion NFT collection.

The Imaginary Junior YouTube account currently has 121 subscribers and its most popular video so far is "Wheels On The Bus + More", which has 494 views. The same content was posted to the project's TikTok account, which currently has 33 followers.

August has been a busy month for Imaginary Ones so far. Today's Imaginary Junior update comes just two days after the project launched its staking program, which will provide Imaginary Ones holders the opportunity to stake their NFTs to earn rewards. The project's floor price did reach a local high of 0.48 ETH yesterday, following the staking launch, but it was back down to 0.39 ETH at the time of writing.


Imaginary Ones Debuts "Imaginary Junior" Content
Imaginary Ones Staking Program Launches Today
Bill Monighetti

UPDATE: Staking went live at 8:38 a.m., ET this morning. Access the staking website here.

Imaginary Ones announced "staking is coming" to the project in a Discord announcement posted around midnight, ET  Sunday night.

The project will implement a tiered  approach where collectors gain more rewards the longer their NFT has been staked. Here are the different levels:

  • Wanderer: 0-29 days
  • Adventurer: 30-89 days
  • Expeditionist: 90-179 days
  • Navigator: 180-269 days
  • Seasoned Explorer: 270-364 days
  • Multiversal Voyager 365 days or more

Imaginary Ones lists these as the types of rewards collectors can expect to see as part of the program:

  • Giveaways
  • Whitelist spot raffles
  • Claims
  • "More categories are a work in progress"

Staking was originally expected to go live at 6:00 a.m., ET this morning, but the launch was delayed for two hours to 8:00 a.m. The site was still not live as of 8:30 a.m., ET with no further update available.

When a holder chooses to stake their Imaginary One, the NFT will be automatically delisted from OpenSea for the duration of the staking period. However, holders are still advised to manually delist their NFTs before entering into the staking program. If that is not done, the NFT may be relisted for sale at the same price on OpenSea at the conclusion of the staking period.

After minting at 0.6 ETH in April and trading above 1 ETH prereveal, the Imaginary Ones floor price sits at 0.396 ETH at the time of writing. The project had been trading above mint price as recently as July 4, but more recently had bottomed out at 0.3 ETH on Friday

Imaginary Ones Staking Program Launches Today
Imaginary Ones Shares Teaser Video
Staff Writer

Imaginary Ones showed what appeared to be an Imaginary Ones NFT in a racecar with the caption "new mission," in a recently tweeted video

The teaser video contains hints at a potential companion collection for Imaginary Ones NFT holders. No official announcement has been made by the team. 

Imaginary Ones NFTs hold a floor price of 0.64 ETH. Only two sales have been completed on OpenSea since the time of the announcement.

Imaginary Ones Shares Teaser Video
Imaginary Ones Sells Out, Total Volume Above 2,700 ETH
Staff Writer

Imaginary Ones, an 8,888-edition collection which sold out through Dutch auction format early Thursday morning, has had a market-high 480 sales in the past six hours, according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings. The starting (and final) mint price was 0.6 ETH and the floor is 0.96 ETH.

The project held a Twitter Spaces to “address the FUD” after a whale allegedly swept more than 250 of the NFTs before the Dutch auction, increasing the floor price to near 1.2 ETH, raising the Dutch auction starting price (which was announced as 50 percent of the OpenSea floor at the time of mint).

Imaginary Ones Sells Out, Total Volume Above 2,700 ETH