Jack Atomy NFTs

Jack Atomy NFT Overview

Project Information

Jack Atomy is a collection of 2,222 spooky Halloween-themed NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was minted on October 27, 2022, just in time for a Halloween reveal. There are over 290 hand-drawn traits that make up the 2,222-piece NFT collection. Holding a Jack Atomy NFT is the key to being able to access the Jack Atomy game, Flappy Atomy, which is a play-to-earn Flappy Bird-style game. Every point earned from the game accumulates $HATM, the utility token of the Jack Atomy ecosystem. Holders are able to utilize a pool to swap $HATM for ETH. Additionally, Jack Atomy is focused on utilizing DeFi protocols, social networking, and gaming to create a metaverse community for all holders.