Jadu Hoverboard NFTs

Jadu Hoverboard NFT Overview

Project Information

Jadu Hoverboards are a collection of augmented reality hoverboard NFTs that give avatars the ability to travel in the metaverse.

Jadu is an award winning team of augmented reality (AR) pioneers. Their AR is taught in classes at USC and UC Berkeley and they have built realistic holograms of icons like Serena Williams and Lil Nas X.

Jadu takes AR interactions to the next level with the Mirrorverse, which is an intersection of reality and the metaverse. Jadu is building a whole universe that will take 3D NFTs and allow them to live in the real world. Inside the Mirrorverse, you can seamlessly move your NFT character around your local environment with a joystick.

Jadu has teamed up with Larva Labs and Meebits, allowing any Meebit holder to use a Hoverboard NFT in the metaverse.