Japanese Born Ape Society NFTs

Japanese Born Ape Society NFT Overview

Project Information

Japanese Born Ape Society (JBAS) is a collection of 4,457 apes inspired by Japanese culture, founded by @Zenkon802.

Each Ape doubles as a membership pass to the community, and grants access to members-only benefits and utilities, the first of which is access to The Temple.

Each JBAS is unique and randomly generated from over 180 possible traits, including fur colors, accessories, eyes and more.

There are ten Legendary 1/1s within the collection.

The Temple is the home of the apes and the house of the JBAS DAO. 

Owners of an ape will be airdopped lotus flowers. There are a total of nine flowers and each represents an area of expertise and decisional power within the decentralized ecosystem.