Jenkins The Valet Announces Final Cast

Jenkins The Valet Announces Final Cast
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Jenkins The Valet shared a collage of the final cast for its upcoming Writer's Room book, Bored & Dangerous, to be authored in part by New York Times Bestseller, Neil Strauss. 

The cast of Bored and Mutant Ape Yacht Club assets was built by willing participants who licensed their NFTs to Jenkins The Valet using a WAGMI Yacht NFT. All the assets in the story were given a name and small backstory by their respective holder, and each is mentioned by name in the book. 

According to the announcement, Strauss has been studying the backgrounds of all the characters throughout the last eight months, carefully weighing input from the Jenkins The Valet community to add depth to the story. 

The Writer's Room is comprised of more than 3,000 members who all had an impact on the structure of the story, tone, and plot. 

The official Bored & Dangerous mint will start tomorrow, July 11, and lasts throughout the week. Read more details about the future of Bored & Dangerous or all the recent updates from Jenkins The Valet on its Lucky Trader project page

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