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Cash Coming From Bored & Dangerous
Julian Son

Jenkins the Valet provided an update on Bored & Dangerous royalties, podcast licensing, and more, in a Medium article published today.

What It Means

Long story short, Tally Labs must obtain personal information from individuals prior to issuing payouts. Issuing payouts anonymously would jeopardize the receiving individual, the business, and the community.

Those who are unwilling to KYC will be forced to waive their claim to payouts. Waived funds will be split in two ways: a portion will be rolled over into the licensing pool for the Jenkins Podcast, and the rest will be put towards funding community-led projects. 

📊 By the Numbers

The project will be paying out roughly $365,000 back to the community.


❗ Why It Matters

Since 2021 the regulatory environment has evolved for providing royalties back to participants. The project indicated that "clarity around certain regulatory decisions have been made in the last 12 months," and that "there have been precedents set that shine a light on how companies in the Web3 space must operate."

While this has resulted in an obvious delay for Bored & Dangerous payments, it's notable that Tally Labs is trying to do things properly.

The crypto/NFT space has been under the microscope from regulatory entities like the SEC, especially in the wake of the FTX calamity, as well as other NFT token situations (such as Gutter Cat Gang's indefinite postponement of the $GANG token, and Ape holders in the US being geo-blocked from staking their $APE on Horizen Labs). It's clear that projects must continue to be cautious - and compliant - in how it disburses payments back to holders.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We understand parts of this process may not be what folks want to hear, but it's what we (and any other legally compliant company) must do to be here over the longterm. Our top priority is to make sure we are protecting the interests of the community and the business.Jenkins The Valet 🍌

🎬 Take Action

Need to KYC to claim royalties? Bored & Dangerous is is partnering with Jumio, a leader in end-to-end ID Verification and AML Solutions. Jumio will manage the collection of certain personal information to ensure that all payments are above board, and that both parties are protected.

The specific process to claim payments will be:

  1. Connect your wallet on the website
  2. Will be issued a unique code that you will take to Jumio
  3. Enter that code in a Jumio workflow
  4. Jumio will collect personal information that is stored in their bank-grade secure database
  5. Jumio will pass an approval decision back to Tally Labs based on your personal information

Once the Jumio process is complete, you’ll be able to claim the payout. The payout process may lag the personal information process by a few days to weeks, but not by longer.

🔜 What’s Next?

  • The project is going to open up licensing for the Jenkins podcast, and it will be live in the next few weeks. Every licensing deal can now be made on-platform with a few clicks.
  • Writer's Room holders will be able to browse all the characters that were created to help Jenkins, and use the Writer's Room NFT to send partnership offers on the spot

🧠 Learn More

Cash Coming From Bored & Dangerous
Azurbala Shares Plans for Azurian PFPs
Julian Son

Azurbala is splitting up the development of its PFP art into three phases, according to an announcement from the project. 

Why It Matters: Though highly anticipated, the initial Azurians art reveal was met with strong criticism from the NFT community, so much so it prompted the project to undergo a major initiative to redo the art. The new artwork is being produced with multiple rounds of community input. 

What Happens Next: The project is ready to kick off its three-phase plan, which incorporates the following:

  • Phase 1: Sketches, base model, style
  • Phase 2: Traits, attributes, props, color/light
  • Phase 3: Quality control, render final avatars

The project will provide a Twitter Spaces for more detailed communication during Phase 1. 

OK, perfect. I'm super excited about this and I appreciate how hard you guys are working to make this right. But I also know mfers have zero patience. (I'm mfers)ZenCheetah.eth

Azurbala Shares Plans for Azurian PFPs
Jenkins The Valet Hosts Community Giveaway for New Podcast
Staff Writer

Jenkins The Valet is giving away 12 NFTs, one from each of its new partner communities which includes; Pudgy Penguins, Purrnelopes Country Club, Bubblegum Kids, MaisonDeGoat, Metahero, goblintown, Overlord, The Plague, Rumble Kongz, The Littles, BYOPills, and Sappy Seals, according to a recent tweet.

The giveaway is meant to celebrate the start of the project's new podcast network.

To enter the giveaway, users must first hold an NFT from one of the partner communities and connect to the official website via Tokenproof.

After connecting a wallet, users will write a background for their NFT (character) and submit it on the website as well as tweet it with the hashtag #JenkinsPodcast while tagging the official Jenkins The Valet Twitter account.

Winners will be selected randomly on December 8, 2022. 

Jenkins The Valet Hosts Community Giveaway for New Podcast
Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Staff Writer

Jenkins the Valet announced the 12 NFT communities that have signed on as partners for the project's eight-episode fiction podcast on Wednesday.

Partner community agreements allow Tally Labs to 'set an episode in their world and use their name, logos, and key lore elements', according to the thread.

Holders from the partner communities will be able to fill out a backstory for their NFT, with characters featured in the upcoming podcast stories. One partner, voted on by Jenkins Writer's Room NFT holders, will also have an episode set within that project's community.

In addition to the 12 partners, many other NFT communities are also eligible to create characters:

Users can visit the Jenkins Podcast website to learn more and submit their NFT from the collections above for inclusion in the podcast.




Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Jenkins The Valet Introducing Gamified NFTs With New Podcast
Logan Hitchcock

Jenkins The Valet is introducing gamified, dynamic NFTs ahead of its upcoming podcast release, according to an announcement from the project.

The NFT will unlock a series of puzzles with each individual podcast, tokengated to those who own the podcast NFT. 

Once you've connected your wallet and verified ownership of the podcast NFT, users will be presented an embedded audio puzzle that is unique to each podcast episode. 

If you correctly solve the puzzle, your podcast NFT will dynamically update to reflect the correct answer. Users will be awarded additional points for answering the puzzles quickly. 

As you earn points for answering questions, the NFTs tied to the responses will move up a live leaderboard. 

All the NFTs on the leaderboard will be tradeable on secondary markets and the top finishers on the leaderboard will earn a variety of prizes. 

Formal details on the launch of the podcast NFTs has not yet been announced. 

Jenkins The Valet Introducing Gamified NFTs With New Podcast
Azurbala Hires Creative Director
Staff Writer

A designer from animated films "Ice Age: Continental Drift" and "Epic" has been named as the new creative director for Jenkins the Valet's Azurbala project.

Ty Carter, who worked for Blue Sky Studios after interning at Disney and Pixar, will oversee the redesign of the Azurians PFP. 

Images of Carter's work were shared along with a video for the announcement. 

Earlier this week, the project announced members of its Azurian Art Council, an advisory board for the reimagining of the Azurians.

Azurbala Hires Creative Director
Azurian Art Council Announced
Staff Writer

The Twitter account for Azurbala — home for the Jenkins the Valet and Bored & Dangerous PFP project — announced the members of the Azurian Art Council, the group that will serve as an advisory board for the redesign of the Azurian PFPs.

The council includes Smilesss artist Waheed Zai, Degenz and rektguy's OSF and Mando, and artist Bryan Brinkman.

"The Art Council will use their expertise to provide advisory to our Creative Director and our PFP artists to ensure our collection thrives," the account tweeted. "It was important to surround ourselves with artists who deeply understand the NFT space."

Azurian Art Council Announced
Bored? Make Your Nominations for Azurian Community Council
Logan Hitchcock

Holders of Bored & Dangerous or Jenkins the Valet NFTs have until Oct. 31 to make their nominations for the Azurian Community Council. 

Each holder can nominate up to three individuals for the council, which will ultimately be comprised of eight total members. 

An official list of all the current nominees was shared by the official Azurbala Twitter account on Friday and is currently made up of more than 50 members from the Bored & Dangerous and Jenkins the Valet communities. 

To make your nominations, head to and select "Nominate for the Azurian Community Council." Community members will need to prove they own a Bored & Dangerous or Jenkins the Valet NFT by authenticating their ownership with tokenproof. 



Bored? Make Your Nominations for Azurian Community Council
Azurbala Releases Results From Community Survey #3
Logan Hitchcock

Azurbala released the results from its third community feedback survey in a Twitter thread on Tuesday afternoon. 

In the third community survey, participants were asked to rank the moodboards that were selected in the second community survey. 

The winner? Fantasy Jungle. 

Fantasy Jungle received an overwhelming 57 percent of votes for the first-ranked moodboard, followed by Cyberpunk at 24 percent, and Steampunk at 16 percent. 

In addition to the moodboard ranking, Azurbala also compiled some free text responses, with multiples suggesting some mix of "Jungle and Steampunk" would be preferred. 

Details about the next steps have not yet been provided, though Azurbala indicated additional surveys would follow.

"We appreciate all of the feedback we have received so far and will use it to inform what we do moving forward (including the artist we source). We're excited to continue to hear from our community as we move forward. This certainly won't be the last Community Survey." 

Azurbala Releases Results From Community Survey #3


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