Bored & Dangerous NFTs

Bored & Dangerous NFT Overview

Project Information

Bored & Dangerous is a collection of up to 20,826 full-length novel NFTs existing on the Ethereum blockchain. The novel is the result of 3,000 Jenkin's the Valet Writer's Room NFT holders driving the creative direction of the novel, and 10-time NYT bestselling author Neil Strauss writing the novel. A total of 50% of the net profits from Bored & Dangerous are given to the holders of the 4,075 BAYC and MAYC that were licensed to be used in Bored & Dangerous and related Jenkin's the Valet works. 

Holders of Bored & Dangerous NFTs are able to burn their NFT(s) in exchange for the ability to mint an 'Azur Root', which acts as a mint pass for an 'Azurbala', a profile picture project by Jenkin's the Valet. Holders are also able to stake Bored & Dangerous NFTs for access to the Hawthorn DAO where they can help govern future project matters.