An Open Licensing Opportunity

An Open Licensing Opportunity
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Holders of Writers Room NFTs can now license their characters, or extend an offer to others, according to a tweet from Jenkins the Valet

❗Why It Matters

The exploration of IP rights and licensing has been a frequent topic of conversation in web3, but not often innovated on. Jenkin's podcast licensing opportunity is offering users the ability to experiment with utilizing IP rights on NFTs they own, or negotiate the IP utility out to someone else. 

The Deets

Exposure of the individual NFT is based on the tier of Writer's Room NFT owned, highlighted by WAGMI Yahct NFT holders who will have their character featured in an episode. 

The licensing window will remain open until Mar. 17. 

🎬 Take Action

  • Writer's Room NFT holders can explore IP rights for previously created characters on 
  • Holders of more than 120 NFT collections can create a character for potential inclusion in the podcast on site as well. 

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