Jenkins The Valet Revamps Writers Room

Jenkins The Valet Revamps Writers Room
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Jenkins the Valet announced (in a 57-post thread) it is doubling down on its original vision, focusing on fostering a diverse community of creatives and content development.

Why It Matters

The Writers Room ecosystem is undergoing a major overhaul, including a name change, rewards, and a focus on holder-owned IP and collaboration. 

The Deets:

  • Giving governance rights directly to Writers Room members
  • Revamping Writers Room to foster collective creativity and content creation
  • Emphasizing holder-owned IP and interoperable contentverse
  • Rewarding community contributions and creativity

The Details

Writers Room is enhancing its focus on community creativity and content creation by revamping its platform. Governance rights will be given directly to Writers Room members, and the project will be rebranded to emphasize its roots in fostering a diverse, collaborative community. The goal is to create an interoperable content verse where holder-owned IPs from different worlds can collide, giving birth to new stories and creative ideas.

The Writers Room NFTs will serve as the foundation for the community's creativity, with members rewarded for their contributions. This includes content contests, rewards and prizes for content creation, and inclusion in social graphics. Writers Room aims to be an incubator of community-generated ideas and content, celebrating and nurturing creative talent.

What It Means

  • Writers Room NFTs and unburned Bored & Dangerous books will play a role in governance over a treasury that includes partial ownership of the likes of Jenkins the Valet, the Mutant, and Goodboy.
  • Changing the name from Jenkins the Valet: The Writer Room to & "Writers Room"
  • New Writers Room logo, drawing inspiration from the "We Are Book People" slogan
  • New Twitter account @writersroomnft
  • New Writers Room Website
  • Introduction of Writers Room on Avenue, a new platform where holders can collaborate on, create, and post different forms of content, brainstorm ideas, and dream up new IPs.

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