'Bored and Dangerous' Book Now Live

'Bored and Dangerous' Book Now Live
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The Jenkins the Valet NFT book "Bored & Dangerous" is now available to holders of the book NFT, the project announced Tuesday.

Users with a Bored and Dangerous NFT can read the book using Tokenproof, an online platform that verifies ownership of specified NFTs, through the book's website. Interested readers can also view a preview on the site.

Here's an excerpt:

"Jenkins pulled open the shuttered wooden door that led to the administrative office of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

It was the second time he’d walked into the officers-only area since he’d been hired fourteen years ago as a valet. The first was after he was summoned for an incident involving a Meebit body he'd found floating near the back side of the club, where the apes gamble. And all apes gamble. It’s as much a part of being an ape as peeling lychees and finding laser eyes irresistibly attractive."

The book NFT is part of an expansive universe that Jenkins the Valet is building. Soon, users will be able to burn their book NFT for an opportunity to mint an Azur Root or stake the NFT for governance tokens in a DAO.

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