Bored & Dangerous Fund Claim

Bored & Dangerous Fund Claim
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Today, Jenkins the Valet created a tweet thread 🧵 and Medium article covering everything you need to know about the upcoming Bored & Dangerous Fund Claim.

The Deets

  • In total, over $356,000 will be paid back to eligible licensors in the community. This equates to $87.47 per 1 licensing unit.
  • A snapshot was taken at 12 pm ET on March 31, 2023, of wallet addresses holding Writer’s Room and Bored/Mutant Ape NFTs that were licensed to Bored & Dangerous. If your wallet held a licensed Writer's Room NFT or Bored/Mutant Ape NFT when the snapshot occurred, then that wallet will be eligible to take part in the claim process that opens on April 20.
  • The process will open on April 20 and stay open through August 1.
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) is a legally required process for claiming B&D funds. However, Bored & Dangerous has provided an alternative for individuals who choose not to take part in KYC. There will be two options for eligible wallets:
    • Option 1 involves completing KYC and claiming eligible B&D funds.
    • Option 2 allows users to waive their rights and receive an equivalent refund on the Azur Root mint.

❗ Why It Matters

The Bored & Dangerous payouts are a way for NFT holders to monetize their digital assets through licensing without seeking out the opportunities on their own. The KYC component created a sticking point for some in the community, but the project moved to address the situation as best it could under the circumstances (and regulatory environment).

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