Twitter Reacts to Azurians PFP Art

Twitter Reacts to Azurians PFP Art
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Bored and Dangerous and its parent project Jenkins the Valet floor prices are down a combined 75 percent Saturday after the art for its Azurians PFP was mocked across social media.

Jenkins the Valet is down 30 percent in the past 24 hours to 0.59 ETH and Bored and Dangerous is down 45 percent to 0.29 ETH in the same time period. Jenkins the Valet held a Twitter Spaces after the reveal to address the criticisms.

“Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to join spaces and offer constructive feedback,” tweeted Jenkins the Valet. “We took a risk. It didn’t pay off.”

Azurians were announced as the PFP for Azurbala, a fictional jungle setting in the Jenkins the Valet metaverse. Despite not launching an NFT yet, the Azurbala community has started to generate lore and characters for the project, including stories about BalaBall, the “official sport of Azurbala,” Lady Vo, the matriarch of House Calypso; and Bala the Baker, the Azurbala baker from The Sprawls.

Even the most committed to the project weren’t immune to handing out criticism on the Azurians art.


Those without a stake in the projects were much less kind.


There are 14,802 NFTs in the Bored and Dangerous collection which a majority of holders paid 0.15 ETH to mint (they were also free to claim for 6,942 Jenkins the Valet holders).

The project had received a lot of buzz after announcing a $12 million seed round led by powerhouse fund a16z Crypto.

Due to the criticism around the art, Jenkins the Valet recently announced it was postponing indefinitely the date of the book-burning mechanism, where book NFT holders could burn their NFTs and pay 0.08 ETH for an Azur Root, the NFT that would eventually morph into an Azurian.

The burning date was supposed to take place Oct. 3.

Tally Labs co-founder Valet Jones tweeted Saturday morning that the team was “right back after it today.” Tally Labs is the umbrella company for the Jenkins the Valet ecosystem.

Fellow co-founder SAFA announced Friday night that the project would “reimagine what a PFP that comes to market WITH the community feel like.”

“Today was a misstep in what we know is a long journey of building @TallyLabsNFT. It’s what comes with building in public,” SAFA tweeted. “We’re lucky to have gotten this feedback before mint. We’ll take this opportunity reimagine what a PFP that comes to market WITH the community feels like.”

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