Azurbala Opens Up Survey On PFP Art Direction

Azurbala Opens Up Survey On PFP Art Direction

The Azurbala team launched their third community survey via an announcement from their Twitter account this afternoon. 

The theme of this survey is all about the recent mood boards they shared, which were a compilation of the best community contributions for potential artistic styles for the new Azurians. Survey responders are invited to select which mood board they preferred, their favorite elements across each, as well as input towards anything that was missing.

The Bored & Dangerous NFTs, which holders will have the choice to burn for the Azurians, have fallen hard since the first Azurian art tease was widely disliked. This led the Jenkins The Valet team to start over, this time with the community guiding much of the selection and curation process.

The Bored & Dangerous floor is at 0.19 ETH at the time of writing. The Jenkins The Valet NFT floor is also down, at 0.39 ETH.

More about Bored & Dangerous

Bored & Dangerous is a collection of up to 20,826 full-length novel NFTs existing on the Ethereum blockchain. The novel is the result of 3,000 Jenkin's the Valet Writer's Room NFT holders driving the creative direction of the novel, and 10-time NYT bestselling author Neil Strauss writing the novel.

At the time of publish, the Bored & Dangerous floor price sits at 0.139 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 1 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 29 sharp wallets have sold 66 NFTs and 7 sharp wallets have bought 28 NFTs in the Bored & Dangerous collection. Catch up on other recent Bored & Dangerous news here.

Recent Bored & Dangerous Sales

#10420sold at 12/09 11:12pm for
#9212sold at 12/09 7:12pm for
#14505sold at 12/09 7:12pm for
#10873sold at 12/09 12:12pm for
#6953sold at 12/09 12:12pm for

Recent Bored & Dangerous Listings

#10420listed at 12/09 8:12pm for
#10420listed at 12/09 8:12pm for
#8033listed at 12/09 8:12pm for
#8033listed at 12/09 8:12pm for
#11167listed at 12/09 8:12pm for
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