Azurians Moodboards Released

Azurians Moodboards Released
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Images shared by Bored and Dangerous and Jenkins the Valet NFT holders in response to a community survey to rebuild the panned Azurians art, were complied in "moodboards" Tuesday.

Dozens of images from anthropomorphic frogs to steampunk skeletons to Marvel's Black Panther were shared across three categories named by the Azurbala Twitter account: jungle fantasy, steampunk and cyberpunk.

The project invited holders to sign into the Azurbala website to participate in a recent survey where it gathered the images. There will be another survey released Wednesday, the project said.

"You’ll be able to voice your favorite, least favorite, and even suggest elements from each to combine into a final. Ultimately, the result will be considered in the initial concept art phase," the project tweeted.
The moodboards are not the final representation of the revamped PFP.
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