Jenkins the Valet Introduces Azurbala Website

Jenkins the Valet Introduces Azurbala Website
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Jenkins the Valet shared more details on Azurbala in a tweet on Friday afternoon. @LadyVoTheRich, a Matriarch of House Calypso, has summoned Jenkins to tell House Calypso’s story.

Jenkins included the new website for Azurbala, which includes an interactive experience for users. The map includes 7 clickable locations (Azur Passage, House Calypso, The Monastery, The Syndicate, The Sprawls, Edokian Prison Camps, and Marrow Glades), each with a visual and audible experience. Details on the lore of each location are included in the map, so make sure to explore around to learn more about Azurbala.

The Azurbala website comes a day after the launch of the new Jenkins the Valet website. Jenkins the Valet made a splash at NFT NYC, also adding a new NFT book drop and a set of PFPs to the expanding roadmap.

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