Jenkins The Valet Partners With Tokenproof for Bored & Dangerous Reader

Jenkins The Valet Partners With Tokenproof for Bored & Dangerous Reader
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Jenkins The Valet officially partnered with Tokenproof to provide a safe way for community members to access the token-gated Bored & Dangerous e-reader, according to a recent tweet from the project.

"Thanks to Tokenproof, you're able to securely prove ownership of your Bored & Dangerous NFT without having to connect your wallet directly to our site," the tweet reads.

The team plans on sharing step-by-step instructions on how to use Tokenproof's verification system prior to the launch of the e-reader.

"The safety and security of my community is a top priority," Jenkins said. "I'm so happy to have a solution like Tokenproof helping us out."

Tokenproof has been used by dozens of NFT projects for various token-gated events like IRL (in-real-life) parties at NFT NYC and virtual events like the launch of Bored & Dangerous's e-reader. Proving NFT ownership without connecting a wallet directly to a website prevents unwanted hacks and scams.

Bored & Dangerous is an NFT book project written by New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss. There is no official launch date for the e-reader currently.

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