Jiometory No Compute NFTs

Jiometory No Compute

Project Information

Jiometory No Compute is a collection of 1,024 generative artworks by Samsy. The collection dropped as a part of the Art Blocks Curated collections. Samsy is a freelance digital artist and creative developer. Previously Samsy worked for Google creative lab and is based in London and Paris.

Samsy describes Jiometory No Compute as a "living motion experimental study, a contemplative geometry organism that lives now and forever. Each individual unit's movement contributes and flows into a generative path for a greater purpose." Holders of a Jiometory NFT will receive working GameBoy Cartridges that display the Jiometory No Compute artworks. Additionally, 25 percent of the sales from the drop over 0.1 ETH are donated to Unicef to help to save children’s lives.

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