Juiceboxes NFTs

Juiceboxes NFT Overview

Project Information

Juicebox Studios is a digital design house aimed to inspire and innovate through both digital and physical mediums. The original Juicebox collection is a 4,255 NFTs, however the project has decided to migrate off the OpenSea storefront to provide a more immersive experience with their additional collection of 1,111 Juicebox Studio NFTs.

Each Juicebox Studio NFT is stackable and can generate $SIP tokens redeemable for physical goods; including apparel, consumables, and collectibles.

By utilizing the original collection, holders and new buyers have the chance to secure a Juicebox Studios NFT based on a point system. Each original Juicebox will be valued at 1-7 points depending on rarity and each point grants a 0.025 ETH discount off a Juicebox Studios mint.