Just Ape NFTs

Just Ape NFT Overview

Project Information

Just Ape is a collection of 10,000 Ape NFTs that stick to the basics of providing value, not fluff.

The founders of Just Ape have a mission to facilitate the bridging of Web2 to Web3, real-life to the digital multiverse, and bridging the global wealth divide. Their primary focus is to establish and connect the on-chain Just Apes brand to its off-chain equivalent. This will be through real-life events, high-quality merchandise, community meetups, and getting Ape integrated into off-chain products.

Just Ape will have a presence at NFT-focused satellite events as well as putting on their own IRL events. The team also has hired a world-class Merchandise Lead with free reign over the Just Apes merchandise strategy to bring high-quality gear to holders. Some pieces of merchandise will be for sale to the public, with others just for holders to maximize for the long-term.