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Project Information

Kami Main is a collection of 4,101 KAMI NFTs. KAMI are unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

A KAMI is also a holders Tribe mark, and grants access to kami-only benefits. Holders of KAMI NFTs become Tribe members which grant access to the Dojo. The Dojo's benefits and offerings will increase over time. One's KAMI NFT serves as their digital identity in the Dojo and will open doors for them.

From the KAMI website, there are currently there are 3 ranks within the Kamitribe - 

- SABURO (common) - "The ranking class within the Kamitribe. Known for their great strength and perseverance in combat."

- ISAMU (uncommon) - "The Isamu are known for their high agility and cunningness. They are known within the Kamitribe as the experts of cleverly setting up ambushes."

- AKIHIRO (rare) - "The Akihiro are the leaders of the Kamitribe. There are only a few of them in the world. Known for their high intelligence and awareness."